Blonde Venus (dir. Josef von Sternberg, 1932)
Former Bristol IMAX, Bristol Aquarium, Anchor Rd, Bristol BS1 5TT
Sunday 20 November 2022, 4pm

Running Time: 1hr 33min; Rating: PG

Ex-nightclub singer Helen Faraday (Marlene Dietrich) returns to performing as the popular “Blonde Venus” to support her son and husband Ned (Herbert Marshall) who has become sick with radium poisoning. Whilst Ned seeks an expensive cure in Germany, Helen sells herself to millionaire playboy Nick Townsend (Cary Grant) to make ends meet. When he returns from Europe cured, Ned finds out about her affair with Townsend and disowns her. The film came under scrutiny from the Hays Office and von Sternberg was forced to accommodate changes demanded from the Production Code. With an introduction by Pamela Hutchinson.

One of seven films that von Sternberg made with the inimitable Dietrich and one of the six films Grant made in his very first year in Hollywood, Blonde Venus is a wonderful mixture between maternal melodrama and show-stopping spectacle, with Dietrich singing the unforgettable numbers ‘Hot Voodoo’, ‘You Little So-and-So’, and ‘I Couldn’t Be Annoyed’. draped in glittering costumes by Travis Banton.

With an uncredited performance from Hattie McDaniel, as Cora, Helen’s maid in New Orleans who later became the first African American to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Mammy in Gone With the Wind.

Another Pre-Code gem not to be missed on the largest screen in Bristol, with an introduction by Pamela Hutchinson.

“In Blonde Venus, Marlene Dietrich stars as a young mother who will do anything to save her husband, and Cary Grant enters the picture as a rich smoothie who offers her an easy way out. From the cabaret stage to the boudoir, the tension crackles, and the trouble escalates” (Pamela Hutchinson)

Pamela Hutchinson is a freelance writer, critic, film historian and curator based on the south coast of England. She writes for Sight and Sound, Criterion, and the Guardian, and regularly appears on BBC radio.She has curated seasons including Marlene Dietrich: Falling in Love Again at BFI Southbank and the touring programme Pre-Code Hollywood: Rules are Made to be Broken, with Christina Newland. Her publications include the BFI Film Classic on Pandora’s Box and essays in several edited collections. Her site is devoted to silent cinema.







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