None But The Lonely Heart (dir. Clifford Odets, 1944)
Watershed, 1 Canons Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5TX
Sunday 20 November, 10-12.30pm

Running time: 1hr 35min; Rating U

Cary Grant plays Ernie Mott, the feckless Cockney son of an ailing woman shopkeeper Ma (Ethel Barrymore in an Oscar-winning role), straying into crime and falling in love with the wife of a gangster. Grant was so keen to play the lead in this film he bought the film rights to the best-selling novel by Richard Llewellyn on which it was based, even though the original story was about a very much younger man. Cast against type, Grant too was nominated for Best Actor, but the Academy Award went to Bing Crosby for Going My Way. With an introduction by Ehsan Khoshbakht, exploring Grant’s popularity in Iran (where he’s dubbed into Persian) and why Clifford Odets’ first foray into directing is so important in terms of Hollywood cinema, followed by a panel discussion.

Grant later said the story was especially meaningful because he saw in it who he could have become if he had never left Bristol. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see one of Grant’s most unexpected and personal performances on the big screen.



Ehsan Khoshbakht is a film curator, filmmaker, writer and architect. He is the co-director of Il Cinema Ritrovato film festival in Bologna, Italy. He has curated or co-curated programmes dedicated to film and jazz, Iranian pre-revolutionary cinema, John Stahl, Henry King, Frank Tuttle, Stuart Heisler and George Stevens in Bologna, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Ankara, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Basel and beyond. Architect by training, Ehsan writes books and essays on film. His first feature-length documentary as a director, Filmfarsi (2019) explores the secret history of Iranian Cinema and his short documentary, Duke Ellington in Isfahan, which was made for BBC television in 2018, was selected for Telluride Film Festival 2021.






Dr Matthew Sweet is author of Inventing the Victorians (2001), Shepperton Babylon (2005) and The West End Front (2011). A familiar voice in British broadcasting, he presents Free Thinking and Sound of Cinema on BBC Radio 3 and The Philosopher’s Arms on BBC Radio 4. He has judged the Costa Book Award, edited The Woman in White for Penguin Classics and was Series Consultant on the Showtime/Sky Atlantic series Penny Dreadful. In the BBC2 drama An Adventure in Space and Time he played a moth from the planet Vortis. His most recent book Operation Chaos: The Vietnam Deserters Who Fought the CIA, the Brainwashers and Themselves (2018) is published by Picador. @DrMatthewSweet 





This screening will include Descriptive Subtitling (DS)

A service for our Deaf/deaf and hard of hearing customers that displays additional auditory information on the screen. As well as showing the dialogue, Descriptive Subtitles provide information on other significant sounds. For example: when something is being sung; when a phone rings; when a door slams. This extra information allows customers using the subtitles to access the film more fully.


£8.50 full / £5.00 concessions.

Watershed Box Office 0117 927 5100

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