Charade (1963, dir. Stanley Donen)
Fairlawn Primary School, Fairlawn Road, Bristol, BS6 5JL
Thursday 18 January 2018, £5.82 (including booking fee)


To celebrate what would have been Cary Grant’s 114th Birthday, Fairlawn Primary School – the site of the original Fairfield School that Archie Leach attended from 1915-1918 –  are hosting a special screening of the stylish romantic thriller, Charade – “the best Hitchcock film that Hitchcock never made”.

When Reggie Lampert (Audrey Hepburn) finds her husband murdered for his part in a WWII gold heist, Peter Joshua (Cary Grant) steps in to help her solve the crime, protecting her after three of her husband’s accomplices harass her at the funeral. Reggie is caught up in a web of suspense as she is pursued by the shadowy trio, who think she knows where the money is hidden. The only person she thinks she can trust is Joshua, who confesses that he is actually Alexander Dyle, brother of a fourth accomplice in the theft. Then it emerges that the fourth accomplice had no brother, and Joshua/Dyle admits that he is, in fact, a crook named Adam Canfield. Now Reggie doesn’t know where to turn… suspense, romance and Paris!

All proceeds go to Fairlawn Primary School’s PTFA.