Penny Serenade (dir. George Stevens, 1941)

Crowdcast, Friday 20 November 2020, 8pm GMT

Running Time: 2hrs

Rating: Unrated, suitable for children


Join us for this watch-along of Penny Serenade with Cary Grant as Roger Adams and Irene Dunne as Julie Gardiner, with an introduction by Aurora Bugallo (@CitizenScreen) on why she thinks this is such an underrated gem.

Cary Grant and Irene Dunne in Penny Serenade

We’ve been wanting to screen Penny Serenade at the festival for quite some time, not least because it was one of Cary Grant’s two nominations as best actor at the Academy Awards, but mainly because it also features a cameo appearance from Nipper, another Bristol-boy whose global reach might even exceed our Archie’s!

Irene Dunne and Nipper in Penny Serenade

Suggested Refreshments: Warm beer and fish and chips


Aurora Bugallo is a higher education administrator, and teaches Mass Media History and Film and blogs about Classic Movies at Once Upon a Screen. A life-long Cary Grant fan she considers him one of the greatest talents to ever grace the silver screen and Penny Serenade an undervalued gem.  Read her post on Penny Serenade on the “No, You’re Crying” Blogathon. Twitter @CitizenScreen and Instagram @citizenscreen

What is a “watch-along screening”?

Sadly we can’t actually stream films due to distribution rights, but we aim to create a sense of togetherness in isolation through sharing our love of Cary Grant. Before the start of the screening you need to source your own copy of the film and cue it up ready to play. After a brief 5-10 minute introduction on CrowdCast we will count down and all press play at the same time. The CrowdCast will end and we’ll watch-along together using the #CaryStaysHome hashtag on Twitter and Instagram @carycomeshome.

You can also tag this as #FridayFilmClub on Twitter!

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What is “Pay what you feel”?

We want to make our events accessible whatever your budget, but for those that can afford it, we’d really appreciate it if you can give generously to keep the festival afloat in these difficult times.

We rely on ticket sales as our main source of income, but Covid-19 has made this impossible this year, creating a huge shortfall in our finances. We’re a biennial festival so we’re hoping by 2022 we’ll be able to return to live events, but in the meantime we’re determined to celebrate Cary Grant as best we can virtually. If you’ve enjoyed watching this event, please consider donating.

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