2020 Festival

The 2020 Festival Programme is now live! The overarching theme of the festival is Journeys – celebrating the centenary of Archie’s emigration to the Big Apple in 1920, but also acknowledging other journeys of class and social mobility,  identity and self-discovery…

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Crowdcast Channel

Check out our new CrowdCast channel where we are hosting the events online for the 2020 Festival due to the global pandemic. Once you’ve registered you can click on the ‘Save my spot’ button to register for events with one log in…

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Penny Serenade

Friday 20 November 8pm GMT
Join us for this watch-along of Penny Serenade starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne, with an introduction by Aurora Bugallo (@CitizenScreen) on why she thinks this is such an underrated gem.

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Love Affair (1939)

Saturday 21 November 10am GMT
The original version directed by Leo McCarey, starring Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne, which McCarey remade almost shot by shot as An Affair to Remember. Part of the Love Affairs to Remember Marathon.

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Love Affair (1994)

Saturday 21 November 2pm GMT
Warren Beatty stars and produces this third iteration of the Love Affairs to Remember films, opposite Annette Benning and Katharine Hepburn, in her last screen performance, and an underrated score by the late Ennio Moriccone.

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An Affair to Remember

Saturday 21 November 8pm GMT
Cary Grant stars alongside fellow Bristolian Deborah Kerr in Leo McCarey’s classic love story, one of the most romantic films of all time, a heart-wrenching weepy about unexpected lovers whose bond is so strong, not even great tragedy can break it, with an introduction by film critic and historian, Pamela Hutchinson.

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Sleepless in Seattle

Saturday 21 November 11pm GMT
Nora Ephron’s homage to An Affair to Remember starring Tom Hanks as recently widowed Sam Baldwin, whose son Jonah calls a radio talk-show in an attempt to find his father a new wife, with Meg Ryan as Annie Reed who falls for them both. Part of the Love Affairs to Remember Marathon.

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Sunday 22 November 10am GMT
An almost shot by shot remake of An Affair to Remember starring Aamir Kahn, Manisha Koirala and Anil Kapoor and the Gateway of India standing in for the Empire State Building, with an introduction by Monia Acciari, director of the UK Asian Film Festival, Leicester.

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Gunga Din

Sunday 22 November 4pm GMT
In this rip-roaring adventure three British soldiers (Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen and Douglas Fairbanks Jr) must stop the secret murderous Thuggee cult, with the help of Gunga Din, a native water-bearer, with an introduction contextualising the representation of colonial India by Rehan Hyder, UWE Bristol.

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Cary Grant Quiz

Sunday 22 November 2020 8pm GMT
Join us for a Cary Grant quiz hosted by another Bristol film institution, Twentieth Century Flicks Video Shop. Prizes include copies of Mark Glancy’s Book Cary Grant, The Making of a Hollywood Legend courtesy of publisher Oxford University Press and Official Cary Comes Home Merch.

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