Special Ticket Offer
Former Bristol IMAX, Bristol Aquarium, Anchor Rd, Bristol BS1 5TT
Sunday 20 November 2022, from 2-9.30pm

Sorry, our Special ticket offer is SOLD OUT – but you can still get tickets for the individual films with our Sliding Scale – “Pay What You Can Afford” Ticket, as we want to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to see these wonderful films on the largest screen in Bristol!!:

Born to Be Bad (dir. Lowell Sherman, 1934)
Former Bristol IMAX, Bristol Aquarium, Anchor Rd, Bristol BS1 5TT
Sunday 20 November 2022, 2pm

Running time: 1hr 2min; Rating: U

Born to Be Bad centres around the story of industrious Letty (Loretta Young), an unmarried mother who sets out to blackmail rich businessman Mal (Cary Grant), president of Amalgamated Dairies, after he accidentally hits her truant son Mickey with one of his milk trucks. In a stark contrast to her later appearance with Cary Grant as the well-behaved wife of a bishop, Loretta Young is such a bad ‘un here, original versions of this film ran into all manner of trouble with the censors even before the Hays morality code came into full effect due to her scanty clothing, her status as an unmarried mother, seducer of Grant and blackmailer.  With an introduction by Lies Lanckman.



Blonde Venus (dir. Josef von Sternberg, 1932)
Former Bristol IMAX, Bristol Aquarium, Anchor Rd, Bristol BS1 5TT
Sunday 20 November 2022, 4pm

Running Time: 1hr 33min; Rating: PG

Ex-nightclub singer Helen Faraday (Marlene Dietrich) returns to performing as the popular “Blonde Venus” to support her son and husband Ned (Herbert Marshall) who has become sick with radium poisoning. Whilst Ned seeks an expensive cure in Germany, Helen sells herself to millionaire playboy Nick Townsend (Cary Grant) to make ends meet. When he returns from Europe cured, Ned finds out about her affair with Townsend and disowns her. The film came under scrutiny from the Hays Office and von Sternberg was forced to accommodate changes demanded from the Production Code. With an introduction by Pamela Hutchinson.



Arsenic and Old Lace (dir. Frank Capra, 1944)
Former Bristol IMAX, Bristol Aquarium, Anchor Rd, Bristol BS1 5TT
Sunday 20 November 2022, 7pm

Running Time: 1hr 58min; Rating: PG

Our festival finale features this breathless comedy classic which will blow away the November cobwebs. Newly-wed drama critic Mortimer Brewster (Cary Grant) frantically tries to embark on his honeymoon with impatient new bride (Priscilla Lane), but has to contend with his well-meaning but ditzy old aunts (Josephine Hull and Jean Adair), who have been bumping off lonely elderly gentlemen with their lethal elderberry wine (spiked with arsenic, strychnine and “just a pinch of cyanide”). If that isn’t enough, he also has to juggle his sociopathic brother (Raymond Massey) – a dead-ringer for Boris Karloff, who played the lead in the original 1941 Broadway play – and his sidekick Dr Einstein (Peter Lorre), as well as his other unhinged brother who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt (John Alexander). With an introduction by Festival Director Charlotte Crofts.


IMAX Accessibility Statement

The Auditorium is accessible via lift. We have space for around 10-15 wheelchair users behind the top row of the Auditorium with no restricted viewing.


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