An Affair to Remember (dir. Leo McCarey, 1957)

Crowdcast, Saturday 21 November 2020, 8pm GMT


Cary Grant stars alongside fellow Bristolian Deborah Kerr in Leo McCarey’s classic love story, a heart-wrenching weepy about unexpected lovers whose bond is so strong, not even great tragedy can break it, with an introduction by film critic and historian, Pamela Hutchinson.

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Like our Archie, Deborah Kerr also has a Bristol connection.  She was educated at the independent Northumberland House Boarding School, Henleaze, and she later had acting lessons at the Hicks-Smale Drama School in Durdham Park.

Nickie Ferrante (Grant), an incorrigible playboy, and Terry McKay (Kerr), a nightclub singer, meet on a transatlantic ocean-liner en route to their respective fiancees in New York. Their friendship gradually blossoms into a clandestine love-affair as they try to avoid gossip onboard ship. As the ship docks in New York City, they agree to reunite in six months time, if they have managed to end their current relationships and prove themselves worthy of each other. Will they both make it to their rendezvous at the top of the Empire State Building…?

Join us for this watch-along screening, introduced by film historian, Pamela Hutchinson. This is what would have been our gala screening where we traditionaly encourage you to dress up to the nines and sip cocktails with us, so feel free to join in at home and post your selfies to us at the #CaryStaysHome hashtag

Costume inspo from An Affair to Remember

Director Leo McCarey directs two of Hollywood’s classiest acts in this tear-jerking love story. But An Affair To Remember never descends into schmaltz, saved by a smart, sassy script and McCarey’s restrained, but masterful directing. Listed as the American Film Institute’s fourth-greatest Hollywood love story (“100 Films, 100 Passions”) and featured in The Guardian list of most romantic films of all time: “that final scene retains its powers to enthrall and discombobulate to this day”.  Get your hankies ready…


Cocktail: Pink Champagne 

Dress code: Eveningwear

Part of the Love Affairs to Remember Marathon.

What is a “watch-along screening”?

Sadly we can’t actually stream films due to distribution rights, but we aim to create a sense of togetherness in isolation through sharing our love of Cary Grant. Before the start of the screening you need to source your own copy of the film and cue it up ready to play. After a brief 5-10 minute introduction on CrowdCast we will count down and all press play at the same time. The CrowdCast will end and we’ll watch-along together using the #CaryStaysHome hashtag on Twitter and Instagram @carycomeshome.

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Celebrating Bristol’s status as a UNESCO City of Film, in recognition of the city’s vibrant screen heritage, of which Cary Grant is one of our brightest stars.